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struggled to app prehenned him -- app henned him. they were both injured in the struggle but with you don't know more. police are still looking for the second burglary suspect. all enforcement are helping with the search. it's quiet here pause there's no officers in this area. they just have their marked vehicles. across -- parked vehicles. across the street we did see a security guard. apparently there's a lot of businesses in this area that police have contacted to notify them about this search. we will stay out here and gather more information and bring it to you this morning. thank you. back to you. a police officer is among the four people sent to the hospital after a fire in south
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san francisco. salary lexington savage is there. >> reporter: four people suffered from smoke issues and had to be hospitalized including a police officer. he was among the first on scene of this house fire and helped everybody who lives here get out. it broke out aland 11:30 after night -- last night around 11:30. there were flames coming from the back of the house. smoke drifted into the neighboring unit. crews were called in to get the fire under control and the deputy chief says the quick work of the firefighters kept other people having issues and damages >> reporter: this fire cos
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tanned and the extension -- is contained and the other units do not have damage. >> reporter: four people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we are told by the firefighter department that all are stable this morning, including the officer that went. the santa clara elementary principal accused of selling drugs, according to the authorities, cameras were found, including one tucked inside a teddy bear. he is accused of selling meth as well as other drugs, including
4:33 am
the date rape drug. >> it's shocking and very sag. we were disappointed because he was quite respected here. >> investigators says there is no evidence we was using drugs with children. he is in kale and will be in court on friday. the time is 4:33. police have arrested one person in a protest over an officer shooting in heyward. it happened last night. police say they ma an arrest for public drunkenness. they had to shut down the road because protestors starting going into the traffic. >> the crowd starting going into the traffic lanes and trying to stop trap pick -- traffic, so we had to take law enforcement
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action. >> the suspect did try to run people over. a shooting of a an officer have people upset. they had a meeting where the sheriff talked about the shooting of this '22 year old. they say he took out a loaded gun and was shot when he refused to put it down. he's expected to survive but the shooting sparked vandalism at the police station and four near boy bases -- nearby businesses. >> this community has struggled to make changes, but it hasn't been enough. >> no arrests were made after last friday which was making people angry as more. construction of the san la
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clara stadium is 15% finished. they are bidding the framework piece by 15. the 49ers say 18,000 tons of steal will support the stadium. we'll get our cameras right in there for a better look at the progress this afternoon. the team says the stadium is on track for open for the 2014 season. 4:35 is the time. let's look at traffic. >> good morning. we're off to a decent start. we don't hatch a lot going on. the traffic continues to look good around the bay. there has been some roadwork but it hasn't caused any major delays. here is a live picture of interstate 80. it looks pretty good here. you can see traffic does move welcoming in to san francisco all the way through. there's no problem this morning in the south bays. you can see -- or at least no major problems on the freeway reported by the police.
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the traffic physical is moving well. now for the fort cast. >> patchy low clouds. there's not as much cloud as yesterday. temperatures cooled off yesterday but it looks like we will see a insteady -- steady climb. because there is less fog some of the cools will be even lower. still about 50 degrees in moffet bay. much less sea breeze today, another sign the temperatures p warm up. today i think we will see around 90 degrees possibly, at the most. we will key our eye on the low that low that doesn't look like it's doing much. the wind is less today.
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slightly warmer today. there's morning fog, a breed, and stockton is still hot, around 90 degrees. thursday, warm to hot, maybe even nice to warm on the coast as well. >> i love it. 4:37:00 is the -- 4:37 is the time. a major fire continues to threaten homes. we will talk about why the fire has taken a turn for the worst. plus san francisco is considering a plan to build some of the smallest apartments in the country, and why the small rooms could come at a small price. >> traffic is off to a dough sente -- a did -- off to a decent start. we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning.
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some low clouds, but not as much as yesterday. temperatures will be about the same as yesterday. a wildfire as turned deadly. it started sunday. the body of a man was found in a home yesterday afternoon. neighbors say the man refused to evacuate. the fire has destroyed at least 20 homes and damaged 10 others. another 25 homes are still threatened and evacuation orders remain in place this morning. new information surrounding the trader joe's recall. we have learned two people in california have become sick with the outbreak. this weekend the fda linked 29 cases of salmonella to be nut butter -- butter sold there. they are recalling other types
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as well. president obama is expected to press back against republican criticism of his foreign policy on is leeel -- israel dug his supreme today. he will depounds the antiislam film that led to four death. the president is also expected to say that the u.s. is united with israel in preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. romney is accusing obama of minimizing the death of the ambassador as a bump in the road. the criticism comes when the president says in the 60 minutes interview that, quote, there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places the one organizing
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principal has been islam. barbara lee will hold a voters event, one of being sell by the congressional black caucus. the events are in response to the efforts in at least 34 states to introduce laws that would require voters to show photo id to vote. they say it would adversely affect the ed derly, as well -- elderly, as well as other minorities. a bill signed by governor brown will allow californias to vote off of election day. the measures becomes law january 1 but will be delayed until the secretary of state sets up a state wade database which could -- wide database which could take a while. each unit would be very
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small, and the building code is considering changes the code for people like single people to live in a small at like this. they say much of the population is single people. >> there's a lot of people who, if they lose their apartment, they will have trouble staying in the city. >> the units could cost between 12 and $1,400 a month. critics say it would boost opennation and strain the city's resources. people against a proposal to build a new jail plan to back the board of supervisors meeting. they are expected to vote on a budget which includes $44 million for the planned jail. supporters say the sale will help deal with the growing prison population, but a group is against the jail expansion. its members say resources
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should be used on alternative programs. we could learn as soon as today whether the u.s. supreme court will take up the hot-bottom ton issue -- issue of same-sex marriage. the ban on same-sex marriage was approved by voters four years ago. another possible case is the defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between one man and one woman in the eyes of a the federal government. if the justices do take up the issue, oralling arguments would not begin until next year. decision is expected in june of next year. this afternoon governor brown is heading to google headquarters. he is planning on signing the car bill which allows cars to be tested on state roads and also outlines rules and standards for the cars and makes california the second state to allow the driverrerless cars on the road. high speed charging network
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for the model s cars last night. there's six of them in california. they announced drivers can get a half t charge in folsom, harris ranch, la and barstow. they only work for one model. 4:46 is the time. any problems so far? >> we don't have a lot going on. that's good and nice to start the morning off doing well. let's go outside and i'll show you some pictures and maps that we have here. you see traffic is moving along well. the yellow triangle is the construction zone. it's the zone that's there all the time. walnut creek looks good. eighty westbound is looking good. also, the morning travels looks
4:47 am
good at bay ridge. the toll plaza is light with no major delays. if you are driving into south bay, i think you will like what you see. driving into the valley looks good. 4:47. back to see. >> there's a tesla showroom, and every time i go by i look at them. they are cool. >> yes. >> we have some fog. yesterday it was solid up and down the cost. it's less today. temperatures cooled off. about the same today as tomorrow. but thursday and friday and the weekend, it looks to be sunny and warm, especially by the coast. the low is on its way out of the pictures. about 40 degrees and 50 degrees. sea breeze has been cut in
4:48 am
half. yet was 21 and how it's less than 10. up to almost 90 degrees. there's low spipping out there. we'll keep an eye on that but it won't do much. the low that moved out, it will help with no fog. temperatures are slightly warmer for most today and a little puff of a westerly breeze. fairfield was 87. livermore, your, concord, 83. san jose, 79. north bay, about 80. a little change on wednesday. warmer for thursday. and friday, maybe clear.
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>> thank you. 4:49 is the time. a survivor of the deadly avalanche is po speaking out. he has local ties to the bay area. giant fans, how you can get your hands on tech kits as early as today.
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81. welcome back. a memorial is set up in antioch this morning to remember a man who was shot and killed in front of his own home. people gathered last night to remember wagner. he was shot to death outside his home sunday night. candles were placed where he was gunned down. police are still looking for a suspect. chevron revealed more details about a pipe failure last month. almost 200 people attend add meeting last night. the general manager said the pipe that failed had a low silicon content which can lead to a faster corrosion rate. he says the pipe was inspected last november but not the 5- foot section that failed. meantime, the g. m. called reports that it used a pipe to bypass air monitors incorrect. >> the pipe should have been routed in a different way.
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>> the epa criminal investigation into the device continues. its investigators will conduct an odd did it next week. a top american skier and form bay area resident is lucky to survive a deadly avalanche in nepal. glenn pike is speaking out about the avalanche. etch said it hit while they were sleeping. it took them about 650 feet down the mountain while they were still in his sleeping bags. he was able to get away with black eyes and missing teeth. at least nine climbers died and six more are missing. a group home in the south bay is being sued over allegations a staff member sexually abuse add child. they claim the campus ignored a warning that a staff member was
4:53 am
acting inprocedurely -- inprocedurely to a 12-year-old girl. they say he sexually ascouted the girl a week after the warning. we contacted the families first and we were told that they had no comment. a new study title seniors in seven of the 10 most popular medicare prescription drugs plans will be hit with double digit prep yum -- premium mits if they -- heights if they don't shot around. they can look around for lower plans. they say premiums in the aarp plan are increasing about 57 cents a month. open enrollment for medicare starts october 15. large corporations are hiring hundreds of workers and helping to transform to tri
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valley city. ge showed us their software center. about 200 people work there now and they are building space for more next fall. ge is in the bishop plant end park. 4:54 is the time right now. let's check in on traffic. >> we're doing well. we don't have a lot going on which is nice. maybe it's the calm before the storm. let's look at interstate 880 and oakland. it's looking good. there was a report of an object on the road but the police found it wasn't there. we have had small things here and there but nothing major. the morning travels look good at the toll plaza. if you are driving on 80, that traffic if fix is still looking good down to richmond. >> thank you. some fog out there but looks to
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be mainly just kind of hugging the cost. there's not too much making the push inland. cool to chilly, about t 50 degrees, and the sea breeze has been slacking. it was stronger yesterday but it's less today, less than 10. low here, but the high pressure is coming in. we won't notice too much of a change today. but more significant on the weekend. up to near 90 degrees, and looks warmer thursday and then signs of northeast wind as high pressure comes in. >> we have the rest of the morning to register for the chance to see the giants play in the division series. the deadline to with tickets is
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today at noon. prices hang from 60 -- range from 60 to $100. the giants will most library play at home the weekend of october six and seven. by the way, that's the same weekend as fleet week, the america's cup regatta, a 49ers home game and two cruise ship visits. busy weekend. today is the deadline for oakland mayor to sit for a deposition on police reform. we'll let you know what could happen if that dead line isn't met. a police officer hurt while chasing a burglary suspect, and how a pg and e powerplant was involved.
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an active search is sunders way -- underway looking for a burglary suspect. new information about a principal accused of selling drugs. another protest tied to the bay area police shooting. uhm see what happened on the
4:59 am
streets overnight. developments before president obama owe dad -- addresses the united nations. all ahead on channel 2 morning news. good morning. welcome to a brand new day. it's tuesday, september 25. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. >> good morning. there is still fog out there. looks like the fog will burn off. inland temperatures cooled off. we will bump them up a couple of degrees. >> highway 4 is looking good up to the willow pass grade. no major problems. traffic is good on 680. southbound 101 traffic is

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